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Heves es Kulso-Szolnok torvegyesult Varmegyek = Comitatus Hevesiensis
Gorog, Demeter, 1760-18...
Heves es Kulso-Szolnok ...
National Atlas
Gorog, Demeter, 1760-1833
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Heves es Kulso-Szolnok torvegyesult Varmegyek = (Comitatus Hevesiensis et Szolnokiensis Exterior, articulariter uniti). Per Joann. Bapt. Litzner. Voteski Mihaly rajzolta. Berken mettzette. Meltosagu Grof. Festetits Gyorgy ... (to accompany) Magyar atlas ... kozre botsatotta Gorog = Atlas Hungaricus ... Viennae, 1802.
Engraved hand colored in outline map of Heves county of the Kingdom of Hungary. Showing administrative boundaries, cities, towns, rivers, forests and mountains. Includes legend and coat of arms. Relief shown by hachures.
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