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Insulis Sicilia, Sardinia & Corsica
Rossi, Giovanni Giacomo...
Insulis Sicilia, Sardin...
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[Rossi, Giovanni Giacomo de, 1627-1691, Cantelli da Vignola, Giacomo, 1643-1695, Sanson, Nicolas, 1600-1667, L'Huilier, Joannes]
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Italia Antiqua cum Itineribus antiquis. Cum Insulis Sicilia, Sardinia & Corsica. Authore N. Sanson ... Romae, Apud Io. Iacob de Rubeis ad templum Pacis cum prut. Sumi Pot. Joannes Lhuillier fecit. (To accompany) Mercurio geografico overo Guida geografica in tutte le parti del mondo conforme le tavole di Giacomo Cantelli da Vignola ... Tomo secondo ... l'anno 1692. (Map 96).
Outline hand colored map, with decorative cartouches. Relief shown pictorially. Shows administrative divisions, cities, towns, landmarks, churches, lakes, rivers and mountains. Includes notes. Pagination is not continuous, see the index.
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