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United States Of North America.
Lewis, Samuel
United States Of North ...
Wall Map
Lewis, Samuel
Full Title
A New and Correct Map of the United States of North America; Exhibiting the Counties, Towns, Roads &c. in Each State. Carefully Compiled from Surveys and the Most Authentic Documents, by Samuel Lewis. W. & S. Harrison, sculpt. Philadelphia, Published by Kimber & Sharpless for Emmor Kimber 1818.
This is the second, unrecorded edition. The first complete edition was 1816, and the third edition, 1819. Ristow notes an incomplete issue (only the title sheet) of 1815. The 1818 and 1819 editions add an inset map of east Florida. This 1818 edition has a printed notation on the U.S. Mexican boundary: "Boundary between the U. States and the Spanish Provinces agreeable to the Treaty of 1819." This indicates that the map was published late in 1818 or early in 1819, either in anticipation of the February, 1819 signing of the treaty, or just after it. This is a huge map, almost six feet square, full of detail on roads, large and small towns, and areas that were "settling up." Like other large U.S. maps (other than the Melish) of the period (Shelton & Kensett, Varle, Bradley, Arrowsmith, Tardieu), this map extends west to just beyond the Mississippi River. It ranks as the largest in size and scale and is certainly the most detailed. And it is rare, with this 1818 copy being perhaps unique. It must have drawn much of its road information from the Bradley postal map of 1804/12. It is similar to the Arrowsmith 1819 in the northwestern areas, but closer to the Tardieu 1818 in the Michigan Peninsula area. It is not clear to us whether Lewis borrowed from Arrowsmith and Tardieu or vice versa, probably it worked both ways. For an enthusiastic contemporary evaluation of the first edition, see our 1815 copy of the advertisement for this map ("It is, we believe, much the largest specimen of geographical design ever produced in the United States...we do not think it equaled by any large map of European workmanship we have ever examined"). Lewis also made a smaller wall map of the U.S. titled "Traveler's Guide: A New and Correct Map of the United States..." in 1819, and another smaller still in 1817 titled "A Correct Map of the United States with the West Indies..." (see our copies).
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