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Chart Of The West Indies And Spanish Dominions In North America.
Arrowsmith, Aaron
Chart Of The West Indie...
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Arrowsmith, Aaron
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Chart Of The West Indies And Spanish Dominions In North America. By A. Arrowsmith, 1803. Jones Smith & Co. sc. Beaufort Buildgs. Strand. London Published June 1st 1803 by A. Arrowsmith No. 24 Rathbone Place. To Admiral John Willett Payne, A distinguished Native of the West Indies ... This Chart is respectfully Dedicated by his most obedient Servt. A. Arrowsmith.
The first edition, including Mexico to the Pacific, and with the dedication to Admiral John Willett Payne. In four sheets. Countries are outlined in color. The 1810 second and later editions only extend to the east coast of Mexico, presumably because Arrowsmith published his large map of Mexico in 1810. In its coverage of Mexico and Central America, this map is the largest scale and most accurate map of those areas published to date, preceding Pike's and Humboldt's maps by several years. It seems odd that Humboldt would criticize Arrowsmith for copying his map of New Spain, when Arrowsmith produced his own map (this West Indies Map) which included substantial portions of Mexico several years before Humboldt's map was issued. There are many differences between this map's rendering of Mexico and the 1810 Map of Mexico - the later map has more and better detail, but the earlier rendition is still impressive. Stevens and Tree only list two editions, 1803 and 1810, but Phillips lists an 1811 (P-Maps) and an 1816 (atlases). There probably were others.
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