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A New Map of the United States.
Carleton, Osgood
A New Map of the United...
Wall Map
Carleton, Osgood
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A New Map of the United States, of America Including part of Louisiana. Drawn from the latest Authorities. Revised and corrected by Osgood Carleton Esq. Teacher of Mathematics, Boston. Boston, Published and Sold by John Sullivan, Junr. 1806.
Osgood Carleton first published a map of the United States in 1791. Another edition appeared in 1797, and then this edition in 1806. This issue is a major redrawing of the 1791 and 1797 maps, and it borrows heavily from Arrowsmith's Map of the United States, 1802 (see our list no. 5699.009, from Thompson's Alcedo Atlas, our 5699.000) especially in the west. But Carleton uses other sources as well, including Bradley's postal map. There was another issue of this map, undated, and updated to some unknown period, perhaps after 1810 or even later (Chris Lane, Philadelphia Print Shop).
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