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Gilbert's new map of the world 1839
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Gilbert's new map of th...
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James Gilbert, James, 1839-1850
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Gilbert's new map of the world 1839. Drawn and engraved by J. Archer. (insets) Comparative chart of the principal rivers in the Western Hemisphere. (with) Comparative chart of the principal rivers in the Eastern Hemisphere. (with) Comparative chart of the principal mountains throughout the world.
1839 double hemisphere outline color map of the world, 47x94, dissected into 12 sections, mounted on linen, folded into 23.5x15.5. Map by James Gilbert, drawn and engraved by Joshua Archer. Includes notes and insets of comparative charts of mountains and rivers. Countries are differentiated by color, cities are labeled, as well as locations along all the coastlines, rivers, lakes, and mountain ranges. Routes followed by several explorers, including Captains Gores and Cook are shown. The extension of the northern border of the United States depicted well into modern day British Columbia. Texas shown separately as the Republic of Texas. The Republic of Texas had only been declared in 1836 and, it was not officially recognized by most European powers. Gilbert's addition of the republic as such both suggests that he may have been a Texas advocate and that he was embracing the most advanced cartographic information available. Joshua Archer was born at Barnstaple in Devon, was an English cartographer, copperplate printer, and engraver active in London.
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