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Official Map of Yolo County, California, 1871.
Henning, J.S.
Official Map of Yolo Co...
Wall Map
Henning, J.S.
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Map of Yolo County, California, Compiled from Official and Recent Surveys by J.S. Henning, Surveyor and Engineer, May, 1871. Official Map.
(Original Not in Rumsey Collection - Original with the Yolo County Records and Archives Center). Mounted on muslin. No color. Very little property ownership shown. Lists County offices and showns township, range, section information.This map was reconstructed in August 1961 by W.R. Jones, Yolo County Engineer's Office: "The original copy of this map was found on the Wyckoff Ranch near Woodland and is now in the possession of Don Hanson, Atlas Blueprint Co. Photographed the old map and then a transparent copy which in turn was checked and the obliterated portions re-drawn by the county engineers office. This print was made from the final tracing in August 1961, W.R. Jones, Yolo County Engineer Office."
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