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Naval And Military Map Of The United States.
Smith, J. Calvin ; Smit...
Naval And Military Map ...
Wall Map
[Smith, J. Calvin, Smith, Robert P.]
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The New Naval And Military Map Of The United States. By J. Calvin Smith, Author Of Harper's Gazetteer, Colton's County Map Of The U.S. Travellers' Guide &c. 1862. J. Baker & Co. Publishers. J.M. Atwood, Map Engraver 517 Minor St. Philadelphia, Pa. Entered ... 1862 by Robert P. Smith ... Pennsylvania. (with 5 inset maps and 3 profiles).
1st ed. Stevenson identifies 3 issues. Very beautiful and elaborate map showing the hand of Robert Pearsal Smith (has similarities graphically to his N.Y. State Map of 1860). The map is drawn by J.M. Atwood, but is credited to J.C. Smith, "Author of Harper's Gazetteer, Colton's County Map of the U.S., Traveler's Guide, &c." R.P. Smith is obviously competing with J.H. Colton by using J.C. Smith's name. Also, the population statistics for the 1860 census are listed, "in advance of official publication" (see Colton letter dated 1861 on this subject). Many inset views relating to the civil war, portraits of Union Generals, and thematic map insets. The U.S. map bears a striking resemblance to Colton's U.S. map of the same period (We suspect intentional on Smith's part) but it is different. H.H. Lloyd did a similar map in 1866 (High Ridge #18-165), probably by obtaining Smith's map copyright for this map and the New York State Map in 1865 when Smith left the map publishing business (Ristow p 377). With black top and bottom rollers. Full color by county. Inset showing crops and animals of the U.S. Table of distances. Table of time differences. Profiles route of Lieut. A.W. Whipple's route for Pacific Railroad.
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