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Exposition geographique XIV Tableau : Amerique
Legrand, Augustin
Exposition geographique...
World Atlas
Legrand, Augustin
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Exposition geographique XIV Tableau : Amerique. 2me. Degre d'enseignement. 3me. Partie. (to accompany) 1839 Exposition geographique ... Par Augustin Legrand ... Paris. (insets) Supplement pour les Etats- Unis. (with) Les Antillrd : Carte Supplementaire. (with) Oceanie: Monde maritime 5me. Section.
Hand colored in outline map of America. Shows political and administrative boundaries, capitals, major cities and rivers. Includes notes. Relief shown by hachures and pictorially. Prime meridian is Paris. Includes color coded key to European possessions in West Indies and Oceania.
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