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Western Coast Of The United States
U.S. Coast Survey
Western Coast Of The Un...
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U.S. Coast Survey
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U.S. Coast Survey A.D. Bache, Superintendent Reconnaissance Of The Western Coast Of The United States, Middle Sheet, From San Francisco To Umpquah River. By the Hydrographic Party under the command of Lieut. James Alden U.S.N. Assist. Geographical Positions by G. Davidson Assistant. 1854. Corrected to 1869. Drawn by W.B. McMurtrie; Reduction for engraving by A. Lindenkohl. Engd. by G. McCoy, J. Knight, J.L Hazzard & G.B. Metzeroth. No. 602. Electrotype Copy No. 6 by G. Mathiot U.S.C.S.
Without color. Middle sheet. Issued as a separate. 1st edition 1854. Latest edition in the annual reports is 1864. Map has 12 beautiful view of the Pacific coastline. Includes text and tables. Relief shown by hachures. Soundings in fathoms.
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