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Udine. Sheet L 33/4 1st. Edition
Great Britain. War Offi...
Udine. Sheet L 33/4 1st...
Fabric Map
Great Britain. War Office. General Staff. Geographical Section
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Udine. Sheet L 33/4 1st. Edition. 1:500,000 Europe (Air). Geographical Section, General Staff No. 3982. Compiled and drawn at W.O. 1939- (1944).
WWII silk escape topographic maps, the cloth copies of the Air Ministry GSGS 3982 paper series, as issued by the M19 to a US Airman of the 9th AAF. 1939-1944. Ten cloth maps were produced of the main Air Ministry series at a scale of approx. 1:2,500,000, while an additional 73 cloth maps were printed at a reduced size (13 in. x 15 in.) and with a scale of 1:500,000 scale. The latter are referred to as the miniatures maps or handkerchief maps. This is 15 sheets of the 1st and 2nd. edition of the 39 regions of Italy in the GSGS 3982 miniature series, produced in July 1942 and July 1944. They cover the northern most end of peninsula with borders against France, Switzerland and Austria. Maps in full color 28x39 or smaller, compiled and drawn in War Office 1939. Projection is Europe (Air) conical orthomorphic. "Fathom lines and low water marks are based on Admiralty charts." Showing multiple and single track railroads, three classes of roads, woods, towns, lakes. Three types of internal boundaries are shown. Aeronautical information includes landing facilities and hazards and lines of equal magnetic variation. Heights in meters. Relief shown by contours, altitude tints and spot heights. Depth shown by bathymetric tints. GSGS (Series), 3982. Prime meridian: Greenwich.
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