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Gridley, Richard; Jeffe...
Geography Book
[Gridley, Richard, Jefferys, Thomas]
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A plan of the city and fortifications of Louisburg; from a survey made by Richard Gridley, Lieut. Coll. of the Train of Artillery in 1745. ... A plan of the city and harbour of Louisburg with the French batteries that defended it and those of the English, shewing that part of Gabarus Bay in which they landed, and the ground on which they encamped during the siege in 1758. (with) A map of Gabarus Bay, adjoining Louisburg. Published by Thos. Jefferys, Geographer to the Prince of Wales at Charing Cross, Octobr. 9, 1758. Price 2s.
Two engraved maps on 1 sheet, with inset. Relief shown by hachures; depths by soundings. City plan shows buildings, etc. Includes profile. "Harbour" map at (ca. 1:21,000) scale; Gabarus Bay map at (ca. 1:150,000) scale.
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