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The Mammoth Trees Of California
Stillman, G.K.
The Mammoth Trees Of Ca...
Stillman, G.K.
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The Mammoth Trees Of California. (Calaveras County.) (Sequoia Gigantea.) Presented to the Subscribers of the Cincinnati Weekly Times. Times Steam Job Color Press Print. G.K. Stillman, Engraver, 4th & Walnut, Cin.
A color litho view of the Big Trees, with eight keyed (A-H) descriptions of the trees. The color lithography is very well done. Presumably, this was a hand out to subscribers of the newspaper, and thus ephemeral in its survival. Currey & Kruska call it "A fanciful engraving of the Calaveras Grove..." The date is estimated by them. Not in Peters' "California On Stone."
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