Detail View: NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day Collection: Crescents of Titan and Dione

Crescents of Titan and Dione
What would it be like to see a sky with many moons? Such is the sky above Saturn [ ]. When appearing close to each other, moons will show a similar phase [ ]. A view with two of the more famous moons of Saturn [ ] in crescent phase [ ] was captured last month by the robot [ ] spacecraft Cassini [ ] now orbiting Saturn. Titan [ ], on the lower left, is among the largest moons in the Solar System [ ] and is perpetually shrouded in clouds. Recently, the Huygens probe landed on Titan [ ] and gave humanity its first view of its unusual surface. Dione [ ], on the upper right, has less than a quarter of Titan [ ]'s diameter and has no significant atmosphere. Dione [ ], although appearing smaller, was only half the distance to Titan when the above image [ ] was taken.
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Cassini Imaging Team [ ], SSI [ ], JPL [ ], ESA [ ], NASA [ ]
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