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M-M M-M.W M10-Ma Ma-Mac Mac-Macd MacD-MacG Mach-Maci Maci-Mack Mack-Macl MacL-Maco Maco-Macr Macu-Mad Mad-Made at t Made at t-Made c Made f-Made i Made i-Made in G Made in G-Made in L Made in L-Made in S Made in T-Madei Madel-Madi Madi-Madis Madis-Mae Mae-Mag Mag-Magi Magi-Mago Mago-Mah Mah-Mahogany w Mahogany w-Mahogany, Mahogany,-Mahogany, s Mahogany, s-Mahon Mahop-Mai Mai-Maio Mair-Maj Maj-Mak Mak-Mal Mal-Male Male-Mall Mall-Malt Malt-Mam Mam-Man Man-Manc Mand-Mandi Mandi-Mandible fragment, w Mandible fragment, w-Mandible, Mandible,-Mandible, w Mandible, w-Mandible, with P Mandible, with P-Mang Mang-Mani Mani-Mann Mann-Manni Manni-Mans Mans-Mant Mant-Manu Manu-Manuscript Manuscript-Map Map-Mapl Mapl-Mar Mar-Marb Marb-Marble r marble r-M M-Marble, p Marble, S-Marc Marc-March 1 March 1-March 13 March 13-March 15 March 15-MA Ma-March 19 March 19-March 198 March 198-March 2 March 2-March 20 March 20-March 22 March 22-March 24 March 24-March 27 March 27-March 29 March 29-March 3 March 3-March 5 March 5-March 6 March 7-March 9 March 9-Marcha Marcha-Marco Marco-Marf Marg-Mari Mari-Mariet Marill-Marin Marin-Mario Mario-Maris Maris-Mark Mark-Marl Marl-Maro Marp-Marr Marr-Mars Mars-Marsh Marsh-Marsha Marsha-Marshf Marshv-Mart Mart-Marti Marti-Martin, L Martin, L-Martine Martine-Martini Martini-Marty Marty-Marv Marv-Marz Marz-Mas mas-M M-Mason, Mason,-Mass Mass-Masse Masse-m m-M M-Master of t Master of t-Master of the R Master of the S-Masu Mata-Math Math-Mathi Mathi-Mats Mats-m m-M M-Mau Mau-Maur Maur-Mauz Mave-Max Max-Maxilla fragment, w Maxilla fragment, w-May May-May 1 May 1-May 13 May 13-May 15 May 15-May 17 May 17-May 19 May 19-May 198 May 198-May 2 May 2-May 20 May 20-May 22 May 22-May 24 May 25-May 26 May 27-May 29 May 3 -May 31 May 31-May 5 May 6-May 8 May 8-May, May,-Maya Maya-Maye Maye-Mayn Mayn-Mayw Mayw-Mc Mc-McC McC-McCl McCl-McClu McClu-McCo McCo-McCu McCu-McD McD-McG McG-McH McH-McK McK-McKu McKy-McL McL-McN McN-Me Me-Mec Mec-Meck Meck-Med Med-Medi Medi-Mediu Mediu-Medium: Black c Medium: Black c-Medium: C Medium: G-Medium: P Medium: P-Medium: Pen and br Medium: Pen and br-Medium: R Medium: R-Mee Mee-Meg Meg-Mei Mei-Meis Meis-Mel Mel-Meli Meli-Melo Melo-Mem Mem-Men Men-Mendo Mendo-Meno Meno-Mer Mer-Mercu Mercu-Meri Meri-Merio Merio-Merr Merr-Merrim Merrim-Mery Mery-Mes Mes-Mest Mest-Met Met-m m-metalp Metalp-Metalw Metalw-Metap Metap-Metc Metc-Metr Metr-Metz Metz-Mew MEX-Me Me-Mexico Mexico-Mexico, Mexico,-Mexico, T Mexico, V-Mey Mey-Mez Mez-m M-Mi Mi-Mic Mic-Michael R Michael R-Miche Miche-Michi Michi-Mick Mico-Mid mid-mid 19 mid 19-M m-mid- Mid--m m-mid-19 Mid-19-Mid-D Mid-d-Mid. Mid.-Midd Midd-Middle H Middle H-Middle M Middle M-m m-M M-Midw Midw-Mie Mif-Mik Mik-Mil Mil-Mili Mili-Milk Milk-Mill Mill-Miller Miller-Miller, K Miller, K-Miller, R Miller, R-Millet Millet-Mills Mills-Miln Miln-Milt Milt-Min Min-Mine Mine-Ming Ming-Ming d Ming d-Ming dynasty, X Ming dynasty, Y-Ming- Mingo-Mini Mini-Mink Mink-Mino Mino-Minot Minot-MI Mi-Mir Mir-Mis Mis-Miss Miss-Misso Misso-Mit Mit-Mite Mito-Mix mix-M m-mixed media: mixed media:-M M-Mo Mo-m m-modeled 188 modeled 188-modeled c modeled c-M M-Moe Moe-Moh Moh-Mol Mol-Mold Mold-Molded g Molded p-Moli Moli-Molt Molu-Mom Mom-Mon Mon-Mong Mong-Monk Monk-Mono Mono-Monop monop-M M-Mons Mons-Mont Mont-Montb Montc-Monte Monte-Montev Montev-Montg Montg-Monto Montp-Monu Monu-Moo Moo-Moon Moon-Moor Moor-Moore, H Moore, H-Moore, R Moore, R-Moors Moors-Mor Mor-Morav Morav-More More-Morg Morg-Morgant Morgant-Mori Mori-Morl Morl-Morr Morr-Morri Morri-Morrisa Morrish-Mors Mors-Morsh Morss-Mort Mort-Mos Mos-Mose Mose-Mosl Mosn-Mot mot-M M-Mou Mou-Moun Moun-Mount P Mount P-Mount, Mount,-Mounta Mounta-Mour Mour-Mow Mow-Mr Mr-MS MS-MSC 12 MSC 12-MSC 127 MSC 127-MSC 13 MSC 13-MSC 132 MSC 132-MSC 133 MSC 133-MSC 134 MSC 134-MSC 15 MSC 15-MSC 159 MSC 159-MSC 16 MSC 16-MSC 18 MSC 18-MSC 188.14 MSC 188.14-MSC 188.17 MSC 188.17-MSC 188.19 MSC 188.19-MSC 188.2 MSC 188.2-MSC 188.25 MSC 188.25-MSC 188.27 MSC 188.27-MSC 188.29 MSC 188.29-MSC 188.3 MSC 188.3-MSC 188.4 MSC 188.4-MSC 188.7 MSC 188.8-MSC 189 MSC 189-MSC 2 MSC 2-MSC 22 MSC 22-MSC 23 MSC 23-MSC 24 MSC 24-MSC 26 MSC 26-MSC 3 MSC 3-MSC 33 MSC 33-MSC 3329 MSC 3329-MSC 333 MSC 333-MSC 3338 MSC 3338-MSC 334 MSC 334-MSC 3344 MSC 3344-MSC 3347 MSC 3347-MSC 335 MSC 335-MSC 3354 MSC 3354-MSC 3358 MSC 3358-MSC 336 MSC 336-MSC 3366 MSC 3367-MSC 337 MSC 337-MSC 3373 MSC 3373-MSC 338 MSC 338-MSC 3389 MSC 3389-MSC 339 MSC 339-MSC 3396 MSC 3398-MSC 34 MSC 34-MSC 3417 MSC 3417-MSC 3418 MSC 3418-MSC 34189 MSC 34189-MSC 342 MSC 342-MSC 3425 MSC 3427-MSC 34279 MSC 34279-MSC 34279.3 MSC 34279.4-MSC 34279.6 MSC 34279.6-MSC 344 MSC 344-MSC 34403.3 MSC 34403.3-MSC 34403.5 MSC 34403.5-MSC 34403.7 MSC 34403.7-MSC 34404 MSC 34404-MSC 34404.4 MSC 34404.5-MSC 34405 MSC 34406-MSC 34408 MSC 34408-MSC 345 MSC 345-MSC 346 MSC 346-MSC 348 MSC 348-MSC 3485 MSC 3485-MSC 349 MSC 349-MSC 34902 MSC 34902-MSC 34904 MSC 34905-MSC 34908 MSC 34908-MSC 34908.3 MSC 34908.4-MSC 3491 MSC 3491-MSC 35 MSC 35-MSC 35029 MSC 35029-MSC 3503 MSC 3503-MSC 35033 MSC 35033-MSC 35034 MSC 35034-MSC 35036 MSC 35036-MSC 35036.3 MSC 35036.4-MSC 35036.5 MSC 35036.5-MSC 35037 MSC 35037-MSC 35037.12 MSC 35037.12-MSC 35037.2 MSC 35037.2-MSC 35037.4 MSC 35037.4-MSC 35037.6 MSC 35037.6-MSC 35037.8 MSC 35037.8-MSC 3504 MSC 3504-MSC 35043 MSC 35043-MSC 35044 MSC 35044-MSC 351 MSC 351-MSC 35150.4 MSC 35150.4-MSC 35154 MSC 35154-MSC 35159 MSC 35159-MSC 3516 MSC 3516-MSC 356 MSC 356-MSC 358 MSC 358-MSC 36 MSC 36-MSC 364 MSC 364-MSC 3647 MSC 3647-MSC 3647.8 MSC 3647.9-MSC 368 MSC 368-MSC 369 MSC 369-MSC 37 MSC 37-MSC 378 MSC 378-MSC 379 MSC 379-MSC 3797.4 MSC 3797.4-MSC 38 MSC 38-MSC 385 MSC 385-MSC 387 MSC 387-MSC 388 MSC 388-MSC 3885.8 MSC 3885.9-MSC 389 MSC 389-MSC 39 MSC 39-MSC 394 MSC 394-MSC 397 MSC 397-MSC 398 MSC 398-MSC 4 MSC 4-MSC 408 MSC 408-MSC 41 MSC 41-MSC 416 MSC 416-MSC 417 MSC 417-MSC 42 MSC 42-MSC 424 MSC 424-MSC 426 MSC 426-MSC 428 MSC 428-MSC 43 MSC 43-MSC 4303.3 MSC 4303.4-MSC 4306 MSC 4306-MSC 433 MSC 433-MSC 44 MSC 44-MSC 444 MSC 444-MSC 446 MSC 446-MSC 449 MSC 449-MSC 45 MSC 45-MSC 4567 MSC 4567-MSC 4567.4 MSC 4567.4-MSC 458 MSC 458-MSC 46 MSC 46-MSC 467 MSC 467-MSC 469 MSC 469-MSC 4694 MSC 4694-MSC 4694.9 MSC 4696.1-MSC 47 MSC 47-MSC 478 MSC 478-MSC 48 MSC 48-MSC 4849 MSC 4849-MSC 485 MSC 485-MSC 487 MSC 487-MSC 488 MSC 488-MSC 49 MSC 49-MSC 498 MSC 498-MSC 499 MSC 499-MSC 4996 MSC 4996-MSC 5 MSC 5-MSC 5003 MSC 5003-MSC 5003.4 MSC 5003.5-MSC 5006 MSC 5006-MSC 501 MSC 501-MSC 502 MSC 502-MSC 5027 MSC 5027-MSC 5027.2 MSC 5027.2-MSC 503 MSC 503-MSC 506 MSC 506-MSC 5069.2 MSC 5069.2-MSC 507 MSC 507-MSC 51 MSC 51-MSC 513 MSC 513-MSC 514 MSC 514-MSC 52 MSC 52-MSC 523 MSC 523-MSC 5235 MSC 5235-MSC 5236 MSC 5236-MSC 53 MSC 53-MSC 5315 MSC 5315-MSC 533 MSC 533-MSC 536 MSC 536-MSC 537 MSC 537-MSC 5372.2 MSC 5372.2-MSC 5372.3 MSC 5372.4-MSC 5372.5 MSC 5372.5-MSC 5372.7 MSC 5372.7-MSC 5372.9 MSC 5372.9-MSC 54 MSC 54-MSC 5427 MSC 5427-MSC 544 MSC 544-MSC 5446 MSC 5446-MSC 548 MSC 548-MSC 5482.3 MSC 5482.3-MSC 5484 MSC 5485-MSC 5488 MSC 5495-MSC 55 MSC 55-MSC 56 MSC 56-MSC 58 MSC 58-MSC 5854.2 MSC 5854.2-MSC 5854.4 MSC 5854.4-MSC 5854.6 MSC 5854.6-MSC 5855 MSC 5855-MSC 5857 MSC 5857-MSC 59 MSC 59-MSC 591 MSC 591-MSC 5914 MSC 5914-MSC 597 MSC 598-MSC 6 MSC 6-MSC 6027 MSC 6033-MSC 609 MSC 609-MSC 61 MSC 61-MSC 6187.3 MSC 6187.3-MSC 62 MSC 62-MSC 625 MSC 625-MSC 63 MSC 63-MSC 638 MSC 638-MSC 64 MSC 64-MSC 644 MSC 644-MSC 65 MSC 65-MSC 6507 MSC 6507-MSC 653 MSC 653-MSC 658 MSC 658-MSC 66 MSC 66-MSC 67 MSC 67-MSC 678.3 MSC 678.4-MSC 7 MSC 7-MSC 75 MSC 75-MSC 757 MSC 757-MSC 759 MSC 759-MSC 76 MSC 76-MSC 761 MSC 761-MSC 762 MSC 762-MSC 7628 MSC 7628-MSC 764 MSC 764-MSC 765 MSC 765-MSC 767 MSC 767-MSC 768 MSC 768-MSC 769 MSC 769-MSC 77 MSC 77-MSC 772 MSC 772-MSC 773 MSC 773-MSC 775 MSC 775-MSC 777 MSC 777-MSC 7774 MSC 7833-Mt Mt-Mu Mu-Mue Muf-Muh Muh-Mul Mul-Mull Mull-Mulli Mullo-Mult Mulv-Mun Mun-Muns Muns-Mur Mur-Muro Muro-Murp Murp-Murr Murr-Mus Mus-Musi Musi-Must Must-Muz Muz-My My-Myo Myr-Mé Mö-Mü

Medium: Black c-Medium: C

  1. Medium: Black chalk, with stumping, heightened with white chalk, on tan laid paper with blue fibers. (1)
  2. Medium: Black chalk, with touches of red chalk, heightened with white chalk, on brownish-gray laid paperW.mark: YRemarks: There is also a sketch of a head (in red chalk) to the leftDrawing has also been connected with 'The Cage' painting in the Louvre (1)
  3. Medium: Black chalk, with traces of white chalk, on blue laid paper (1)
  4. Medium: Black conté crayon on ivory laid paper. (1)
  5. Medium: Black crayon and graphite, with stumping, and touches of scraping, over traces of red chalk, on off-white laid paperRemarks: Related to Jetty at Granville, c.1831/32, Wadsworth Athenaeum, Hartford, CTAccording to minutes of P & D Committee, drawing was purchased out of Worcester Sketch Fund Income-reg card gives incorrect credit line (1)
  6. Medium: Black pastel, with stumping, colored pencil, and graphite, on cream wove paperW.mark: YRemarks: Price listed on guidesheet is incorrect (SK) (1)
  7. Medium: Blue crayon, and brush and black and gray wash, with touches of orange crayon, heightened with touches of white oil paint, on tan wove card. (1)
  8. Medium: Brush and black ink, over touches of graphite, on ivory wove paper (1)
  9. Medium: Brush and black ink, with gray wash and black-and-white gouache, on blue laid paper.Remarks: Pinholes around image.Docorative border executed in blue paint with black muled lines (1)
  10. Medium: Brush and brown and gray wash, over black chalk, on ivory laid paper, laid down on cream laid card.W.mark: Y (1)
  11. Medium: Brush and brown gouache, and brush and brown wash, with traces of brown chalk, heightened with white chalk, over black chalk, on blue laid paper (discolored to pale brownish-gray).W.mark: Y (1)
  12. Medium: Brush and brown gouache, with brush and brown wash, and touches of red and brown chalk, heightened with white chalk, over black chalk, on blue laid paper (discolored to pale brownish-gray).W.mark: Y (1)
  13. Medium: Brush and brown ink and brown wash, with traces of black chalk, on ivory laid paper, laid down on ivory laid paper.Remarks: HJ felt that this was undoubtably done from Houden's bust dated 1778, the year BF visited Paris (SFM)Watermark present on secondary support (KB) (1)
  14. Medium: Brush and brown ink and wash over graphite, on salmon tinted cream wove paper (1)
  15. Medium: Brush and brown wash, heightened with lead white (discolored), on tan laid paperRemarks: "Probably by Eschard?"=PR (1)
  16. Medium: Brush and gray wash with black crayon, and graphite, on ivory laid paper, laid down on ivory laid paper, laid down on pale green laid paper (1)
  17. Medium: Brush and gray wash with black crayon, on ivory laid paper (pieced together), laid down on card (1)
  18. Medium: Brush and gray wash, over black chalk, on ivory laid paper (1)
  19. Medium: Charcoal with stumping, and black pastel, heightened with touches of white chalk, on dark tan wove paper, laid down on tan wood pulp board.Remarks: The primary support and secondary board have numerous breaks/dents (DC 10/3/90) (1)
  20. Medium: Charcoal, on off-white wove paper (1)