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M-M M-M.W M10-Ma Ma-Mac Mac-Macd MacD-MacG Mach-Maci Maci-Mack Mack-Macl MacL-Maco Maco-Macr Macu-Mad Mad-Made at t Made at t-Made c Made f-Made i Made i-Made in G Made in G-Made in L Made in L-Made in S Made in T-Madei Madel-Madi Madi-Madis Madis-Mae Mae-Mag Mag-Magi Magi-Mago Mago-Mah Mah-Mahogany w Mahogany w-Mahogany, Mahogany,-Mahogany, s Mahogany, s-Mahon Mahop-Mai Mai-Maio Mair-Maj Maj-Mak Mak-Mal Mal-Male Male-Mall Mall-Malt Malt-Mam Mam-Man Man-Manc Mand-Mandi Mandi-Mandible fragment, w Mandible fragment, w-Mandible, Mandible,-Mandible, w Mandible, w-Mandible, with P Mandible, with P-Mang Mang-Mani Mani-Mann Mann-Manni Manni-Mans Mans-Mant Mant-Manu Manu-Manuscript Manuscript-Map Map-Mapl Mapl-Mar Mar-Marb Marb-Marble r marble r-M M-Marble, p Marble, S-Marc Marc-March 1 March 1-March 13 March 13-March 15 March 15-MA Ma-March 19 March 19-March 198 March 198-March 2 March 2-March 20 March 20-March 22 March 22-March 24 March 24-March 27 March 27-March 29 March 29-March 3 March 3-March 5 March 5-March 6 March 7-March 9 March 9-Marcha Marcha-Marco Marco-Marf Marg-Mari Mari-Mariet Marill-Marin Marin-Mario Mario-Maris Maris-Mark Mark-Marl Marl-Maro Marp-Marr Marr-Mars Mars-Marsh Marsh-Marsha Marsha-Marshf Marshv-Mart Mart-Marti Marti-Martin, L Martin, L-Martine Martine-Martini Martini-Marty Marty-Marv Marv-Marz Marz-Mas mas-M M-Mason, Mason,-Mass Mass-Masse Masse-m m-M M-Master of t Master of t-Master of the R Master of the S-Masu Mata-Math Math-Mathi Mathi-Mats Mats-m m-M M-Mau Mau-Maur Maur-Mauz Mave-Max Max-Maxilla fragment, w Maxilla fragment, w-May May-May 1 May 1-May 13 May 13-May 15 May 15-May 17 May 17-May 19 May 19-May 198 May 198-May 2 May 2-May 20 May 20-May 22 May 22-May 24 May 25-May 26 May 27-May 29 May 3 -May 31 May 31-May 5 May 6-May 8 May 8-May, May,-Maya Maya-Maye Maye-Mayn Mayn-Mayw Mayw-Mc Mc-McC McC-McCl McCl-McClu McClu-McCo McCo-McCu McCu-McD McD-McG McG-McH McH-McK McK-McKu McKy-McL McL-McN McN-Me Me-Mec Mec-Meck Meck-Med Med-Medi Medi-Mediu Mediu-Medium: Black c Medium: Black c-Medium: C Medium: G-Medium: P Medium: P-Medium: Pen and br Medium: Pen and br-Medium: R Medium: R-Mee Mee-Meg Meg-Mei Mei-Meis Meis-Mel Mel-Meli Meli-Melo Melo-Mem Mem-Men Men-Mendo Mendo-Meno Meno-Mer Mer-Mercu Mercu-Meri Meri-Merio Merio-Merr Merr-Merrim Merrim-Mery Mery-Mes Mes-Mest Mest-Met Met-m m-metalp Metalp-Metalw Metalw-Metap Metap-Metc Metc-Metr Metr-Metz Metz-Mew MEX-Me Me-Mexico Mexico-Mexico, Mexico,-Mexico, T Mexico, V-Mey Mey-Mez Mez-m M-Mi Mi-Mic Mic-Michael R Michael R-Miche Miche-Michi Michi-Mick Mico-Mid mid-mid 19 mid 19-M m-mid- Mid--m m-mid-19 Mid-19-Mid-D Mid-d-Mid. Mid.-Midd Midd-Middle H Middle H-Middle M Middle M-m m-M M-Midw Midw-Mie Mif-Mik Mik-Mil Mil-Mili Mili-Milk Milk-Mill Mill-Miller Miller-Miller, K Miller, K-Miller, R Miller, R-Millet Millet-Mills Mills-Miln Miln-Milt Milt-Min Min-Mine Mine-Ming Ming-Ming d Ming d-Ming dynasty, X Ming dynasty, Y-Ming- Mingo-Mini Mini-Mink Mink-Mino Mino-Minot Minot-MI Mi-Mir Mir-Mis Mis-Miss Miss-Misso Misso-Mit Mit-Mite Mito-Mix mix-M m-mixed media: mixed media:-M M-Mo Mo-m m-modeled 188 modeled 188-modeled c modeled c-M M-Moe Moe-Moh Moh-Mol Mol-Mold Mold-Molded g Molded p-Moli Moli-Molt Molu-Mom Mom-Mon Mon-Mong Mong-Monk Monk-Mono Mono-Monop monop-M M-Mons Mons-Mont Mont-Montb Montc-Monte Monte-Montev Montev-Montg Montg-Monto Montp-Monu Monu-Moo Moo-Moon Moon-Moor Moor-Moore, H Moore, H-Moore, R Moore, R-Moors Moors-Mor Mor-Morav Morav-More More-Morg Morg-Morgant Morgant-Mori Mori-Morl Morl-Morr Morr-Morri Morri-Morrisa Morrish-Mors Mors-Morsh Morss-Mort Mort-Mos Mos-Mose Mose-Mosl Mosn-Mot mot-M M-Mou Mou-Moun Moun-Mount P Mount P-Mount, Mount,-Mounta Mounta-Mour Mour-Mow Mow-Mr Mr-MS MS-MSC 12 MSC 12-MSC 127 MSC 127-MSC 13 MSC 13-MSC 132 MSC 132-MSC 133 MSC 133-MSC 134 MSC 134-MSC 15 MSC 15-MSC 159 MSC 159-MSC 16 MSC 16-MSC 18 MSC 18-MSC 188.14 MSC 188.14-MSC 188.17 MSC 188.17-MSC 188.19 MSC 188.19-MSC 188.2 MSC 188.2-MSC 188.25 MSC 188.25-MSC 188.27 MSC 188.27-MSC 188.29 MSC 188.29-MSC 188.3 MSC 188.3-MSC 188.4 MSC 188.4-MSC 188.7 MSC 188.8-MSC 189 MSC 189-MSC 2 MSC 2-MSC 22 MSC 22-MSC 23 MSC 23-MSC 24 MSC 24-MSC 26 MSC 26-MSC 3 MSC 3-MSC 33 MSC 33-MSC 3329 MSC 3329-MSC 333 MSC 333-MSC 3338 MSC 3338-MSC 334 MSC 334-MSC 3344 MSC 3344-MSC 3347 MSC 3347-MSC 335 MSC 335-MSC 3354 MSC 3354-MSC 3358 MSC 3358-MSC 336 MSC 336-MSC 3366 MSC 3367-MSC 337 MSC 337-MSC 3373 MSC 3373-MSC 338 MSC 338-MSC 3389 MSC 3389-MSC 339 MSC 339-MSC 3396 MSC 3398-MSC 34 MSC 34-MSC 3417 MSC 3417-MSC 3418 MSC 3418-MSC 34189 MSC 34189-MSC 342 MSC 342-MSC 3425 MSC 3427-MSC 34279 MSC 34279-MSC 34279.3 MSC 34279.4-MSC 34279.6 MSC 34279.6-MSC 344 MSC 344-MSC 34403.3 MSC 34403.3-MSC 34403.5 MSC 34403.5-MSC 34403.7 MSC 34403.7-MSC 34404 MSC 34404-MSC 34404.4 MSC 34404.5-MSC 34405 MSC 34406-MSC 34408 MSC 34408-MSC 345 MSC 345-MSC 346 MSC 346-MSC 348 MSC 348-MSC 3485 MSC 3485-MSC 349 MSC 349-MSC 34902 MSC 34902-MSC 34904 MSC 34905-MSC 34908 MSC 34908-MSC 34908.3 MSC 34908.4-MSC 3491 MSC 3491-MSC 35 MSC 35-MSC 35029 MSC 35029-MSC 3503 MSC 3503-MSC 35033 MSC 35033-MSC 35034 MSC 35034-MSC 35036 MSC 35036-MSC 35036.3 MSC 35036.4-MSC 35036.5 MSC 35036.5-MSC 35037 MSC 35037-MSC 35037.12 MSC 35037.12-MSC 35037.2 MSC 35037.2-MSC 35037.4 MSC 35037.4-MSC 35037.6 MSC 35037.6-MSC 35037.8 MSC 35037.8-MSC 3504 MSC 3504-MSC 35043 MSC 35043-MSC 35044 MSC 35044-MSC 351 MSC 351-MSC 35150.4 MSC 35150.4-MSC 35154 MSC 35154-MSC 35159 MSC 35159-MSC 3516 MSC 3516-MSC 356 MSC 356-MSC 358 MSC 358-MSC 36 MSC 36-MSC 364 MSC 364-MSC 3647 MSC 3647-MSC 3647.8 MSC 3647.9-MSC 368 MSC 368-MSC 369 MSC 369-MSC 37 MSC 37-MSC 378 MSC 378-MSC 379 MSC 379-MSC 3797.4 MSC 3797.4-MSC 38 MSC 38-MSC 385 MSC 385-MSC 387 MSC 387-MSC 388 MSC 388-MSC 3885.8 MSC 3885.9-MSC 389 MSC 389-MSC 39 MSC 39-MSC 394 MSC 394-MSC 397 MSC 397-MSC 398 MSC 398-MSC 4 MSC 4-MSC 408 MSC 408-MSC 41 MSC 41-MSC 416 MSC 416-MSC 417 MSC 417-MSC 42 MSC 42-MSC 424 MSC 424-MSC 426 MSC 426-MSC 428 MSC 428-MSC 43 MSC 43-MSC 4303.3 MSC 4303.4-MSC 4306 MSC 4306-MSC 433 MSC 433-MSC 44 MSC 44-MSC 444 MSC 444-MSC 446 MSC 446-MSC 449 MSC 449-MSC 45 MSC 45-MSC 4567 MSC 4567-MSC 4567.4 MSC 4567.4-MSC 458 MSC 458-MSC 46 MSC 46-MSC 467 MSC 467-MSC 469 MSC 469-MSC 4694 MSC 4694-MSC 4694.9 MSC 4696.1-MSC 47 MSC 47-MSC 478 MSC 478-MSC 48 MSC 48-MSC 4849 MSC 4849-MSC 485 MSC 485-MSC 487 MSC 487-MSC 488 MSC 488-MSC 49 MSC 49-MSC 498 MSC 498-MSC 499 MSC 499-MSC 4996 MSC 4996-MSC 5 MSC 5-MSC 5003 MSC 5003-MSC 5003.4 MSC 5003.5-MSC 5006 MSC 5006-MSC 501 MSC 501-MSC 502 MSC 502-MSC 5027 MSC 5027-MSC 5027.2 MSC 5027.2-MSC 503 MSC 503-MSC 506 MSC 506-MSC 5069.2 MSC 5069.2-MSC 507 MSC 507-MSC 51 MSC 51-MSC 513 MSC 513-MSC 514 MSC 514-MSC 52 MSC 52-MSC 523 MSC 523-MSC 5235 MSC 5235-MSC 5236 MSC 5236-MSC 53 MSC 53-MSC 5315 MSC 5315-MSC 533 MSC 533-MSC 536 MSC 536-MSC 537 MSC 537-MSC 5372.2 MSC 5372.2-MSC 5372.3 MSC 5372.4-MSC 5372.5 MSC 5372.5-MSC 5372.7 MSC 5372.7-MSC 5372.9 MSC 5372.9-MSC 54 MSC 54-MSC 5427 MSC 5427-MSC 544 MSC 544-MSC 5446 MSC 5446-MSC 548 MSC 548-MSC 5482.3 MSC 5482.3-MSC 5484 MSC 5485-MSC 5488 MSC 5495-MSC 55 MSC 55-MSC 56 MSC 56-MSC 58 MSC 58-MSC 5854.2 MSC 5854.2-MSC 5854.4 MSC 5854.4-MSC 5854.6 MSC 5854.6-MSC 5855 MSC 5855-MSC 5857 MSC 5857-MSC 59 MSC 59-MSC 591 MSC 591-MSC 5914 MSC 5914-MSC 597 MSC 598-MSC 6 MSC 6-MSC 6027 MSC 6033-MSC 609 MSC 609-MSC 61 MSC 61-MSC 6187.3 MSC 6187.3-MSC 62 MSC 62-MSC 625 MSC 625-MSC 63 MSC 63-MSC 638 MSC 638-MSC 64 MSC 64-MSC 644 MSC 644-MSC 65 MSC 65-MSC 6507 MSC 6507-MSC 653 MSC 653-MSC 658 MSC 658-MSC 66 MSC 66-MSC 67 MSC 67-MSC 678.3 MSC 678.4-MSC 7 MSC 7-MSC 75 MSC 75-MSC 757 MSC 757-MSC 759 MSC 759-MSC 76 MSC 76-MSC 761 MSC 761-MSC 762 MSC 762-MSC 7628 MSC 7628-MSC 764 MSC 764-MSC 765 MSC 765-MSC 767 MSC 767-MSC 768 MSC 768-MSC 769 MSC 769-MSC 77 MSC 77-MSC 772 MSC 772-MSC 773 MSC 773-MSC 775 MSC 775-MSC 777 MSC 777-MSC 7774 MSC 7833-Mt Mt-Mu Mu-Mue Muf-Muh Muh-Mul Mul-Mull Mull-Mulli Mullo-Mult Mulv-Mun Mun-Muns Muns-Mur Mur-Muro Muro-Murp Murp-Murr Murr-Mus Mus-Musi Musi-Must Must-Muz Muz-My My-Myo Myr-Mé Mö-Mü

Mediu-Medium: Black c

  1. Medium: Black and red chalks, with stumping, and brush and pale yellow and orange wash, on ivory laid paper, laid down on cream laid paper. (1)
  2. Medium: Black and white chalk, with stumping, on blue laid paper, squared with black chalk, laid down on cream laid card. (1)
  3. Medium: Black chalk and charcoal with stumping, heightened with touches of white chalk, on blue-gray laid paper (discolored to cream), laid down on wood pulp board. (1)
  4. Medium: Black chalk and charcoal with stumping, heightened with white chalk, on dark tan laid paperW.mark: Y (1)
  5. Medium: Black chalk with brush and gray wash, on tan laid paper (pieced together), laid down on blue laid paper (1)
  6. Medium: Black chalk with stumping, and with black crayon, and red and brown chalk, heightened with white chalk, on buff laid paper, laid down on cream laid paper (1)
  7. Medium: Black chalk with stumping, heightened with touches of white chalk, over traces of charcoal, on blue-gray laid paper (discolored to cream), laid down on cream wood pulp boardRemarks: was initially paid for with Dorothy E. Williams Fund (1)
  8. Medium: Black chalk with stumping, with traces of charcoal, heightened with touches of white chalk, on blue-gray laid paper (discolored to cream), laid down on cream wood pulp board (2)
  9. Medium: Black chalk, and brush and brown wash, with touches of gray wash, on cream laid paper, laid down on cream laid card (1)
  10. Medium: Black chalk, and white and gray gouache, on tan laid paper, laid down on perimeter to cream wove card (1)
  11. Medium: Black chalk, heightened with white chalk, on ivory laid paper tinted pink.Remarks: "Why not Giordano? Send photo to woman in Naples who is working on him"=DES"Look at Gimignani, as well as Sasso Ferrato"= ASH"OK as Girdano"=ES (1)
  12. Medium: Black chalk, heightened with white chalk, on tan wove paper with blue fibers, laid down on cream wove cardRemarks: Donor: Alsdorf Funds Misc. (to be reimbursed from Fox Fund)Acc. to guidesheet, there is some question re: authenticity of signature ("probably by his daughter") (1)
  13. Medium: Black chalk, on buff laid paper.Remarks: "Superb LeSueur"=PR('88) (1)
  14. Medium: Black chalk, on cream laid paperW.mark: Y (1)
  15. Medium: Black chalk, with brush and gray wash, on tan laid paper, pieced together and laid down on ivory laid paperRemarks: "Very good"=SB('89) (1)
  16. Medium: Black chalk, with stumping, and graphite and traces of pen and black ink, heightened with touches of white gouache, on ivory wove paper (1)
  17. Medium: Black chalk, with stumping, heightened with touches of white chalk, on blue-gray laid paper (discolored to cream), laid down on cream wood-pulp board (1)
  18. Medium: Black chalk, with stumping, heightened with touches of white chalk, on blue-gray laid paper (discolored to cream), laid down on cream wood-pulp board. (1)
  19. Medium: Black chalk, with stumping, heightened with touches of white chalk, on blue-gray laid paper (discolored to cream), laid down on tan wood-pulp boardRemarks: Completely incorrect credit line on reg card (1)
  20. Medium: Black chalk, with stumping, heightened with touches of white chalk, on ivory laid paper, prepared with a blue ground, laid down on ivory laid paper.Remarks: Inscribed with monogram B.L., not signature (1)