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F.-F. F.-F. W F.A.-F.H F.J-Fa Fa-f f-F F-Face (3 Face (3-Face (P Face (P-Face a Face, -Face; Face;-Face; H Face; H-Face; R Face; R-Face; W Faces w-Fad Fad-Fai Fai-Fair Fair-Fairbu Fairch-Fairf Fairh-Faiy Faka-Fal Fal-Fall Fall-Falm Fals-Fam Fam-f f-F F-Fant Fanz-Far Far-Farm Farm-Farmh Farmh-Farmv Farna-Farnw Farny-Farr Farr-Fas Fas-Fau Fau-Faut Fauv-Fay Fay-Fe Fe-Feb Feb-February 11 February 11-February 13 February 14-February 16 February 17-February 19 February 19-February 198 February 198-February 2 February 2-February 21 February 21-February 23 February 23-February 25 February 26-February 28 February 28-February 4 February 5-February 8 February 8-Fec FED-Fe Fe-Fel fel-F F-Fem Fem-Fen Fen-Fer Fer-Ferr Ferr-Ferro Ferru-Fet Fet-Fi Fi-f f-F F-Fieldi Fields-Fif Fif-Fil Fil-Fin Fin-Fine Fine-Finl Finn-Fir Fir-Firs Firs-f f-first half of t First half of t-f f-first t first t-F F-Fish Fish-Fisher, W Fisher,Al-Fisk Fisk-Fisk, T Fisk, W-Fit Fit-Fitz Fitz-FL fl-F F-Flan Flan-Flap Flar-Fle Fle-Flem Flem-Flemish; Flemish;-Flet Flet-Fleu Flic-Flo Flo-Flor Flor-Flore Flori-Florid Florid-Flov Flow-Flower Flower-Floy Floy-Fo Fo-Fol Fol-Fon Fon-Font Font-Foo Foo-Fop For-Forb Forb-Ford Fore-Forest Forfar-Forl Form-Forr Forr-Fort Fort-Fort M Fort M-Fort W Fort W-Fortu Fortu-Fos Fos-Foster, G Foster, G-Foster, P Foster, P-Fou Fou-f f-F F-Four Four-f F-Fow Fow-Fox Fox-Fr Fr-Fran Fran-France (P France (P-France o France o-France, France,-France, 18 France, 18-France, B France, B-France, D France, e-France, m France, N-France, P France, P-France, S France, S-France. France.-France; France;-France; R France; R-Frances Franche-Franck Franck-Franco Franco-Frank Frank-Franke Franke-Frankl Frankl-Franklin F Franklin G-Frant Franz-Fras Fras-Fre Fre-Frederick Frederick-f f-F F-Freem Freem-Frei Frei-Frem Frem-Fren Fren-French i French i-French, French,-French, 17 French, 17-French, 176 French, 177-French, 18 French, 18-French, 1819 French, 1819-French, 183 French, 183-French, 184 French, 184-French, 185 French, 185-French, 188 French, 188-French, a French, a-French, c French, D-French, w French; 1-French; 16 French; 16-French; 17 French; 17-French; 176 French; 176-French; 18 French; 18-French; 182 French; 182-French; 184 French; 184-French; 186 French; 187-French; 188 French; 188-French; c French; c-Fres Fres-Frey Frey-Fri Fri-Frie Frie-Fries Fries-Fris Frit-Fritw Fritw-Fritware, w Fritz Busch-Fro Fro-From t From t-Fros Fros-Fry Fry-Fu Fu-Fug Fug-Fuj Fuj-Ful Ful-Fuller, Fuller,-Fult Fult-Fur Fur-Furs Furt-Fut Fuy-Fū


  1. Four-case inr?o with landscape design in gold togidashie on black lacquer with touches of red; carnelian ojime (1)
  2. Four-case inr?o with pair of herons in sumi-e togidashi on a shibuichi-ju ground; green hardstone bead ojime; painted wood netsuke of man beating mokugyo drum (1)
  3. Four-case inr?o with rat's wedding in takamakie on mura-nashiji ground on black; carnelian bead ojime; two-piece ivory manj?u of two rats and daikon (this netsuke is now in netsuke box; Rat on a Candle, 34.13.358 attached) (1)
  4. Four-case inr?o with Rosei's dream in gold and colored takamakie with oki-hirame and gold hiramakie on black lacquer ground, inlaid with mother-of-pearl; silver oval ojime; ivory netsuke of fisherman with basket (1)
  5. Four-case inr?o with story of Kanshin in gold takamakie and figure in metal on kinji and black togidashi ground; lacquer bead ojime; two-piece manj?u in togidashi lacquer signed Inagawa (1)
  6. Four-case inr?o with takamakie design of cuckoo on togidashi ground on black with kirigane; coral bead ojime; ivory tsuitate of cuckoo signed Mitsusada (1)
  7. Four-case inr?o, carved with guri designs, in red, black and yellow lacquer; metal pouch ojime in shakudo and sentoku; square guri manj?u in red-brown lacquer (1)
  8. Four-case inr_ with flower medallions in gold and silver hiramakie on gold oki-hirame ground; metal lotus pod ojime; triangular folded package netsuke of gold fundame (1)
  9. Four-case inr_o; pines and sea in gold hiramakie with kirigane on a togidashi background; amber bead ojime; lacquer box netsuke in hiramakie on gold fundame ground; Ojime: carnelian; Netsuke: stained ivory; Worn straw Hat; signed Masatsugu (1)
  10. four-fold screen, ink and color on silk (1)
  11. Fourdrinier, Paul (6)
  12. Fourdrinier, Pierre (17)
  13. Fourni Islands (Greece) (1)
  14. Fournier, Alex Jean (1)
  15. Fournier, Alexis Jean (4)
  16. Fournier, François (1)
  17. Fourtane, Elisabeth (1)
  18. Fourth of July. (1)
  19. fourth quarter of the 10th-first quarter of the 11th century (1)
  20. fourth quarter of the 18th century (2)